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Top VIP programs for players in Australia -  March 17 2018

When you hear the term ‘VIP’, exclusive rewards and special treatment immediately spring to mind. This and so much more is exactly what you’ll be able to look forward to if an online casino gives you this sought-after title. Can anybody become a VIP player? The requirements to become a VIP player differ from one online casino to the next, but mostly it’s by invite only. Mostly, VIP Programmes are reserved for the casino’s elite players who comply with certain depositing and wagering criteria. In essence, it rewards players for their loyal play at the casino, with benefits and rewards that go above and beyond what regular players receive. Here are just a few…

Best VIP casino programs March 2018

Loyalty Points
Most online casinos offer a Loyalty Programme which rewards you with points for your wagering activity. According to this, it slots you into a certain bracket, whether indicated by colors, gem stone names or even icons. As a VIP player, you’ll fall into the highest bracket. It is therefore possible for lower tiered players to move up the ranks and attain VIP status. Each tier, level or bracket is associated with certain benefits, of which VIP qualify for the most exclusive line-up of rewards. On the flipside, it is possible to lose your status as a VIP player.

Personalized Support
As a VIP player, you’ll get to enjoy VIP service. What exactly is that you may ask? Well, instead of having to contact a random customer service agent regarding your casino queries, you’ll have access to a dedicated and highly trained VIP service agent. Not only will you get personal and preferential treatment via just this one resource, but you’ll also get informed about VIP deals and any other offers first-hand.

Exclusive Bonuses, Promotions and Tourneys
Your status as a VIP player means that you’ll qualify for bigger bonuses, more regularly than players with standard memberships. These high roller bonuses ensure that you get more value out of your deposits so that you’ll get to enjoy a premium gaming experience. Online casinos also create promotions specifically aimed at their VIP players, with A-list prizes that will make it worth your while to take part in. Another entertaining benefit are invitations to VIP-only tournaments. This gives players a chance to pit their pokies skills against other high rollers for a chance to pocket gigantic cash rewards.

VIP Events and Gifts
Australian online casinos’ VIP players furthermore qualify for personalized gifts to celebrate special occasions like birthdays or other life milestones. What’s more, they could receive invites to exotic getaways or even cruises where they’ll receive 5-star treatment from the casino and its personal VIP hosts.

Other top VIP benefits available at some online casinos, include higher withdrawal and deposit limits. If you are a high roller, be sure to investigate the VIP Programmes at various online casinos before signing up.