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Pokies ain’t what they used to be -  March 17 2018

Pokies are one of the most popular games and have been for over one hundred years, not just for Aussies but for gaming lovers all around the World; Not just in land casinos or bars but also in online casinos and especially there, if the truth be told. And that’s very understandable because the choice of pokie games you will find in an average Australian online casino is pretty mind boggling.

It’s difficult to believe that the first pokies had just one reel and a single payline. Today’s online pokies have as many as five reels with the average of three and up to three paylines. That means that not only the entertainment value has shot through the roof but the profit possibilities have risen accordingly as well.

Best Pokies casinos March 2018

Multiple Payline and Wild Card Pokies

It’s been a very long time since Pokies had just one payline. These days it’s a case of the more you bet, the more lines of play open up before you. That translates into more chances of a pokie player hitting a winning combination with lines that start as one and go as high as 25. Depending on the number of coins you bet, the higher the winnings will be on any winning line – and you can have more than one! To make it even more interesting for Aussie players, there are even a large number of pokies games that throw in a few wild symbols to make the whole playing experience so much more interesting, Hit a wild symbol and you can increase your winnings in one fell swoop, or even build a reel around a wild symbol.

Taking it even a stage further, pokie players can take advantage of the multiplier feature that appears in many of the new generation machines, where, with no worries, players can triple their winnings by betting with three coins per spin instead of one. For those Australian players who get into the multiplier mode, there are even bonus multiplier pokies around, where players who hit a winning line get the prize that they are due, plus a tidy bonus that is sure to come as a pleasant surprise.

Progressive Pokies

One of the greatest innovations ever to hit online gambling is the progressive jackpot which began with pokies and moved on to another few casino games. However it’s at pokies that progressive jackpots seem best fitted and Aussie players seem to love them best. That’s probably because the prizes can be outstanding especially if there is a maximum coins and symbols combination up for grabs.

mobile casino games offer the widest choice of progressive pokie permutations, stand alone progressive jackpots drawn from a percentage of play on a particular pokie machine, or linked jackpots promotions on a particular online game throughout the casino where all the members can take part and push the prize money up. The potential jackpots from these promotions can be really huge.