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Neteller – proper solution for casino banking -  March 17 2018

In brick and mortar casinos there were never any problems making deposits. You went in with a load of cash gave it to the dealer of the croupier and hopefully you left with at least some of it when it was time to go home.

Online casinos cannot accept cash- so NeTeller was born

When online gambling first hit the scene, one of the first problems that the casino management had to deal with was how their members could make deposits as well as withdrawals. The obvious options were credit cards followed by bank checks and drafts.

Nobody found these methods very suitable and for a number of reasons. Most people prefer not to let their banks know what they do with their money and drawing a check to an internet casino didn’t help their image too much. Credit cards were notoriously cumbersome especially when it came to making withdrawals which could take several days before they were refunded to the client’s credit card.

Best Neteller casinos March 2018

Things were moving fast in these early days of the internet and they weren’t just for online gaming. People were beginning to spend money online and the whole issue of how to process payments was becoming a problem. That was until another internet pioneer came along and established NeTeller.

That was way back in 1999, and NeTeller became the first company to develop and launch an internet-based totally electronic banking system. NeTeller was not just set up for the online gaming industry as many people think, but also to handle all manner of online transactions.

Australian internet casinos and their players as one fell in love with NeTeller as they immediately solved all of the online banking problems in one fell swoop. NeTeller were the first and probably still the best of what became known as “Web Wallets”. Like a cross between a debit card and credit card, NeTeller allowed players to deposit and withdraw quickly and in total confidentiality.

NeTeller transactions are ultra secure

Add to that the fact that every NeTeller transaction is processed using ultra-safe 128-bit encryption technology, encompassing full identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring.

And just to prove how much online casinos are crazy for NeTeller is that players who switch to this user friendly payment option will be given a spontaneous $25 bonus straight from the company themselves.
Just one of the reasons why NeTeller has been Australian players’ favorite and for so long!