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Click2Pay leads the way -  July 17 2018

One of the most potentially sensitive issues in the World of online gaming is that of depositing and withdrawing money. In fact the truth is that if web wallets such as Click2Pay hadn’t come along there is a very strong chance that the growth of online casinos would have been no where so fast and successful as it is today. And that applies to not only internet casinos in Australia but throughout the World.

The reason why is that when Australian casino sites began to operate, the methods available to make deposits and withdrawals were limited to either credit cards, debit cards, bank checks and bank drafts. These methods were problematic as the credit card companies were far from geared up for rapid response, and withdrawals especially could take days. Bank drafts and checks were even worse and they could take weeks for money to make its way back into the client’s account. Add to that a total lack of confidentiality and it became obvious to the casinos and its members that this was far from being an ideal solution.

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Click2Pay makes depositing easy

Just as players were beginning to consider returning to playing at land casinos along came Click2Pay and the problem of depositing and withdrawals online vanished into the night.

The reason why is that Click2Pay was principally designed to provide an online solution to payment processing for all types of trade and not just the online gaming industry. Click2Pay nowadays is a truly international concern, dealing with people from more than 180 countries, with Australia being one of their biggest customer centers.

Click2Pay was designed to be user friendly and account holders can enjoy constant access to their accounts, independent of any online casinos that they happen to be members of. People who are considering using Click2Pay for their online transactions should know that security is paramount with them, and they invest large sums of money on encryption technology designed to ensure maximum level of protection for its account holders’ personal details.