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Online casino bonus options -  March 17 2018

Online casino players are frequently rewarded with bonuses for their play. These bonuses are designed to attract new players and to reward loyal ones. The casinos like to give them out because they are a great way to keep players happy. In the long run, most of the online casinos still benefit overall from these giveaways.

Free Play Bonuses

Perhaps the most desired bonus of all for casino players are free play bonuses. These are bonuses that allow new players to have some free casino cash to give the games a try. Naturally, there are stipulations for that money. For example, the casino is not about to permit the player to simply take the cash and request a withdraw with it right away. No, that would be just giving the money away. Instead, there are playing requirements.

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Typically a casino will require a certain amount of “rollover” in order to unlock their money. This means a player must bet on the games a certain amount before the money is unlocked. Once that amount has been played, then the money is theirs to do with as they please.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are sometimes called VIP bonuses or known by another name depending upon what the casino wants to call them. These are rewards for individuals who play at the casino long enough and using enough of their own money to make a difference. Obviously, the casino wants to reward these individuals because they see how valuable it is to have a person who plays their games that often.

These bonuses are frequently more customized based on the player’s previous game play. That means that if the casino sees that a particular player likes to play a particular game more than the others, then the casino may reward them with bonuses towards that game.

Referral Bonuses

One final type of bonus that is quite rewarding is the bonus known as a referral bonus. This is a type of reward that comes to a player when he or she has referred a friend to the website to play at a particular casino. The online casino will typically reward the referring friend with some portion of free cash based on what the person referred deposits.

This is a great way for the online casino to generate new players, but is also nice that they reward those who find them. That could mean that free gambling money is just a friend away at some casinos. Those casinos are certainly happy to have the new business and reward the people who bring it to them.